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Protect Initiatives

"All political power is inherent in the people."
      - California Constitution

Empower People By Protecting Initiatives

This site is about trying to protect our political power, including our initiative powers. The main winners in the whole fiasco brought about by the unconstitutional violations inherent in state officials refusing to provide for the legal defense of state laws, are those who gain politically from it. For the most part, the rest of us have been victimized.

State officials stealing political power

As of 2014-11-17, this attempt to keep attorney generals from unconstitutionally undermining our initiative powers and democracy itself, has ended. The Supreme Court of the United States declined to right the wrongs inherent in attorney generals failing to represent their clients, the states, in good faith. Hopefully, we, the citizens of the world, will strive towards a more idealized democracy where the power of the people is not subject to the whims of government officials or judges.

On 2014-09-17, the Supreme Court of the United States filed our petition to review the California Supreme Court's decision in the case. Any update to the case should be visible at the Supreme Court's Website for case # 14-315. While political power is a state constitutional right not protected by federal rights, there were a number of other issues raised in the original lawsuit that were fedreral issues. One intersting question before the United States Supreme Court is whether or not associations of individuals forming states retain their basic rights like free speech and access to the courts, similar to how associations of individuals forming corporations retain their free speech rights. We hope for the sake of democracy and trust in our government, the United States Supreme Court will ensure that Attorney Generals of various states are not allowed to abuse their discretionary powers at the expense of democracy and some important constitutionally protected rights.

On 2014-06-18, the California Supreme Court declined to protect the political power of the people of California as sought in our lawsuit. We are considering an appeal to the United States Supreme Court on the aspects of our cases that fall under federal law (not political power which is more from state law, but many of the other complaints in the case). We had higher hopes that the California Supreme Court would have acted in line with their earlier opinions on their duty to protect the initiative powers of the people.

The California Supreme Court has stated more than once in the past that they have a duty to 'jealously guard' the initiative powers of the people. Towards defeding our political powers, we have filed a lawsuit against the attorney general and governor of California in the Supreme Court of California, case # S218146 (2014-04-29). We can see if the California Supreme Court can be relied on to do what it takes to guard our political power, including our initiative powers.

In the lawsuit we explain how by not providing for the legal defense of a state law brought about by a voter initiative, state officials have engaged in numerous unconstitutional violations, the chief amongst them being harming our political power. We will try to keep the page about our lawsuit updated with the latest on this attempt to protect our political power and democracy itself.

The submitted lawsuit can be downloaded in pdf format or open document format.

For more information, contact us.

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